Electric car-sharing amenity for apartments, hotels, & commercial buildings.

Blend mobility into your community and provide your tenants and guests with on-demand sustainable transportation.

Plug & play mobility solution.

Full Coverage Insurance

Electric Vehicles

24 Hour Customer Support

Routine Maintenance

Sumn Mobile App

Routine Cleaning

Easy addition to any property, existing or developing.

1) Get Onboarded

We'll work with you to create a mobility strategy built around your community's parking & vehicle needs and help get you set up with EV charger installation (if needed).

2) EVs Delivered

EVs delivered to your property, dedicated parking spaces setup, & on-demand mobility service made available exclusively for residents & guests to use.

3) Service Starts

Sumn goes live and tenants are able to download the Sumn App to join the community using your unique property code. Users then select, reserve & drive EVs on-deamnd! Sumn provides full coverage insurance, 24 hour support, routine maintenance & cleaning.

Five star service that aligns with your brand's standards.

“As developers, we always seek opportunities to elevate our resident’s living experience. When we can do that and simultaneously promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, the decision essentially makes itself - It’s a win-win.”
Development Team
The Sephira Group & The Geyser Group
"It was great, well priced. Car was clean and in good order. I would recommend it to people who don't have a car."
Apartment Resident
“We're excited to see tenants begin moving into The Johnny. The location is perfect for our partnership with Sumn, as tenants without access to personal transportation will be able to experience all that the area has to offer!”
Property Management
The Johnny Apartments

Everyone wins with Sumn.

Benefits to Property Owners

Attract new residents & improve retention by offering access to convenient, low-cost, zero-emission transportation

Save on parking construction costs by taking advantage of car-share enabled parking reductions.

Meet your building’s sustainability goals with improved air quality, and reduced emissions

Tax credits and rebates for EV implementation

Benefits to Residents/Guests

Low-cost access to on-demand transportation

Convenience of car-ownership without the hassle of insurance, maintenance, and cleaning

Decrease personal carbon footprint by using green transportation

Car-sharing built for the best user experience.

Creating a more sustainable urban environment one trip at a time.

Trips Completed
Miles Traveled
Lbs of CO2 Eliminated