Tesla support
No worries.. just know that you’re in for a treat. However there are a few things you should know before you get to driving. Please take a few minutes to watch over these quick tutorial videos from Tesla. Click here to watch!

Sign Up

Just download our app, available on the App Store, Android (coming soon), choose signup, and have your Drivers License and Credit Card handy!

You must be 21 years of age or older with a valid Driver’s License and a credit/debit card to be eligible to drive with Sumn.

There is no registration fee to join Sumn! In fact there are no hidden fees whatsoever. Just pay $1 to unlock and the per minute, hour, and/or daily rate listed on our app or on our pricing page.

Once you’ve successfully signed up on our app and submitted a valid Drivers License, our verification team will review your application and approve your account within 48 hours. We strive to hit this timeline, however this is just an estimate and verification times can be shorter or longer. Remember this is just a one time sign up step, once verified you’ll be able to login anytime and start driving!

Starting your trip

It’s easy.. just navigate to our app “drive” screen and find the nearest parked Tesla that accommodates your trip needs. Click “Unlock“, once you’ve verified the license plate matches with the vehicle you’re standing next to. Do a walk around and note any damages that are larger than a credit card. Once complete, you may get in and start driving.. no keys or PIN required!

In short, no. However, we do recommend that you take photos of any damage larger than a credit card as well as any interior damage that you find prior to driving away in your Tesla. This will ensure that you are protecting yourself from any liability that may arise. 

If you get to your Tesla and find that there is any damage larger than the size of a credit card please report this to our Sumn Support Team at (512) 360-8735 or support@sumn.io. If damage found is smaller, you do not need to report the damage. If the damage in any way effects the drivability, please contact us and we’ll help you find another vehicle ASAP!

During your trip

All of our Teslas are equipped with a toll transponder so you can use toll ways at your discretion. Upon completion of your trip we’ll bill your account for the cost of the tolls incurred

It’s included! Before you begin your trip, you can see the current charge level of each Tesla. If you need to charge the vehicle at anytime – take it to the nearest Tesla Supercharger or any other charging station.

If you charge at ChargePoint, Electrify America, or any other 3rd party charging station send us a receipt and we’ll reimburse you up to $20.

In this case please text our Sumn Support Team at (512) 360-8735 and we’ll send roadside service to your location ASAP! 

Yes, of course! However, we ask that you please make sure to clean up pet odor or hair left behind. If we find excessive pet evidence we may charge an extra cleaning fee based on severity. 

No! In consideration of other guests, smoking of any kind is not allowed. If evidence of smoking or odor are found you’ll be charged an additional fee for cleaning and ozone treatment on the vehicle. 

There are two wireless charging pads located underneath the screen of each Tesla. Just place your wireless charging compatible phone on the pad and charge away! 

Dealing with accidents/damage

When you drive with Sumn, you’re protected with full coverage insurance and others up to at least State Minimums for all of our vehicles and approved drivers. 

As long as the accident/damage is reported and you follow all our terms and conditions, you’ll only be liable for the deductible.

If you’re found at fault for any damages, you’ll be responsible for covering our deductible of $1,000 given you’ve followed all our terms and conditions. If terms & conditions weren’t met the driver will be charged for full cost of damage.

Your first priority should be to assist those involved and to get yourself and others to a safe area. This includes moving the vehicle to the side of the street or another safe location to prevent additional harm. We recommend that you call the police and obtain a report, but you must report the incident to our Support Team at (512)-360-8735.

You can find any of the documents in the glovebox.

Ending your trip

You can end your trip in any metered or residential parking zone spot within our Service Area. You may not end your trip anywhere outside of our Service Area. 

Make sure the vehicle is parked in a valid parking area within our Service Area. Ensure all lights have been turned off and that you have collected all your belongings from the Tesla. Once you’re ready, navigate to the “Sumn” screen on our app and click “End Ride” to officially end your trip!

Please make sure that you are within our Service Area and that all windows are rolled up and doors are shut close. If you’re still having issues please text our Sumn Support Team at (512)-360-8735.

After you’ve locked up and officially ended your ride. We’ll process your trip time and charge your account based on time used and apply any promo or ride credit you may have.