Drive EVs on-demand.

Sumn car-sharing allows you to ditch your personal car for a more convenient, affordable, and reliable way to get around!

Car-sharing made easy.

Choose your property

Select a vehicle & book

Our app becomes your key!

Live stress maintenance insurance car free with Sumn.

Car Ownership

U.S. average monthly expense.
  • Car Payment - $609
  • Maintenance - $66
  • Parking - $150
  • Insurance - $138
  • Gas - $125


Drive a car only when you need and pay for what you use!
  • Car Payment - NONE
  • Maintenance - NONE
  • Parking - FREE
  • Insurance - INCLUDED
  • Charging - FREE


Our mission is to have a Tesla available in your area at all times so you have the option to drive without worrying about the headaches of car ownership.


Our user-friendly app and perks, including free parking & charging, make it super convenient to chose sumn and go car-free!


Sumn is more than just a "car rental".. we chose to be a Tesla only service to provide the most exciting, eco-friendly, and safe driving experience possible!